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B-HAVE – BitDefender’s Proactive Technology

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BitDefender, a global provider of award-winning anti-virus software and data security solutions, announced today the launch of BitDefender Total Security 2009, in South Africa.

The new security solution from BitDefender provides the ultimate proactive protection for PCs by combining advanced protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other e-threats, with minimal impact on system performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Network and Data Security – Inside and Out

“Confessions of a Wi-Fi Thief” is a perfect example of what happens to a home network if left unsecured. Besides the annoyance of someone possibly using up your bandwidth, the fact that your personal files and electronic data is basically being ‘broadcast’ is a shocker. Grossman’s article reminds us that the chains we put around our networks are only as strong as their weakest links-often our end-user’s home offices. Read the rest of this entry »

Data Destruction – Keep Deleted Files Deleted

You own a computer and then purchased a new one. After moving all of your important data to the new computer and deciding to sell or donate the old computer you are faced with the question of deleting the data or destroying the hard drive. On one hand, if you delete the data and reinstall the operating system the next owner can quickly use the computer. If you destroy the hard drive, another drive would have to be installed for the computer to be useful again. Read the rest of this entry »

Secure your laptops, seriously.

Years ago, I worked for a medium-sized company with about 130 employees. We shared one laptop. No kidding, but back then, laptops were expensive and as we all had all the hardware and software we needed at the office, management didn’t see the need to invest in laptops. You had to sign the thing out and it was never available, and at 100 pounds soaking wet, I could barely carry the thing to the car anyway. I don’t know why they called them laptops back then — it certainly didn’t fit in my lap!

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Hard Disk – R3AD 3RR0R

It’s a real life nightmare. You power up your computer. It doesn’t boot. What’s wrong?! Sometimes the problem appears as an awful, tapping, metal-on-metal noise. Other times it simply gives a blue screen of death ‘Read Error’.

At this point you should PANIC!!! No wait… Read the rest of this entry »

You snooze, you lose – Data Backups

Computers are temperamental, hard disks ‘self-destruct’, memory chips have trouble remembering. And the irony is, this will always happens an hour before that huge presentation that you have been planning for weeks! Of course there are other unforeseen disasters, such as fire, floods, burglary and lightning hitting buildings. Karma is out to take revenge on your beloved PC! Read the rest of this entry »