Hard Disk – R3AD 3RR0R

It’s a real life nightmare. You power up your computer. It doesn’t boot. What’s wrong?! Sometimes the problem appears as an awful, tapping, metal-on-metal noise. Other times it simply gives a blue screen of death ‘Read Error’.

At this point you should PANIC!!! No wait… Take a deep breath, relax. The first thing you are likely to think about is whether or not your data is recoverable. There is no standardized answer to this million dollar question. In some cases, a basic scan with some data recovery software is all that it takes to revive your data. Otherwise, if you really are in a panic state, it will take thousands of rands and a shipment of the drive, most likely overseas, to a clean lab where they will pull the platters from inside the drive and access them.

There is a way to prevent this from happening. Getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the very best and most effective way to prevent your data from pulling a disappearing act.

While it is not fool-proof, having something that regulates the electricity flowing into your computer can reduce the risk of a drive failure by up to 70%. This figure goes up to around 90% if the computer is being used while in a thunder storm.

Take care when purchasing a UPS. You want to get an intelligent one. An ‘intelligent’ UPS will regulate the power flow without having to resort to the battery every time the voltage takes a dip, or a spike for that matter. This greatly improves battery life. They also include options to hook the power supply up to your computer via a serial or USB port so you can graphically monitor what Eskom is doing with their, lovely, reliable power supply. This also allows for a soft system shut-down if the power dies and you are away from your desk. Remember, you need to have certain devices (Modems, ADSL Routers, monitors and network switches etc.) must be connected be connected to a UPS as well. In the event of a power failure, info needs to be sent to the Tech Team. This can only be done if your PC has internet connectivity.

Contact LPF Systems for further information regarding UPS options. We are more than willing to help.


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