Looking good, but missing the regulars…

Hey guys!

I am proud to announce that our new site is 110% functional!!

Please pay us a visit at http://blog.lpfsystems.com/

Look forward to hearing from you all!


Just a quick thanks!

Good day to all our readers!

I have noticed that traffic has picked up quite allot on our new site! Thank you to all who have been visiting us, I hope to see more of you coming along soon too!


See you soon!



Good day all!!

I have seen that many of our regular visitors are still visiting this page instead of our new one – please feel free to take a look at our new site. I am personally working on the site and content, making sure that it is as easy as ever to navigate through.

Did I mention our new look? Pay us a visit, I am sure you would be impressed!


See you all soon!

Raising The Bar – Quad Core Notebooks

Fujitsu Siemens Computers again has set new standards in the high-end segment with its new generation of mobile workstations: The new Celsius H series is a powerful high-capacity system for those industries that require special computer performance and excellent graphics such as graphic design, construction, engineering, or Web and industrial design. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Is In The Air

MSI Notebook’s release of the 10″ MSI Wind Netbook has proven to be a resounding success! After garnering major international awards and winning over consumers worldwide, MSI Notebook has now unveiled a special charity model – the “MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition”. The new release is designated to support a range of notebook donation programs around the world for children in rural and remote areas. The donated notebooks will help those children learning valuable computer skills, connecting to world through the Internet, and narrowing the digital divide. By feedback to the community tangible ways, MSI Notebook will fill every corner of the globe with love. Read the rest of this entry »

You snooze, you lose – Data Backups

Computers are temperamental, hard disks ‘self-destruct’, memory chips have trouble remembering. And the irony is, this will always happens an hour before that huge presentation that you have been planning for weeks! Of course there are other unforeseen disasters, such as fire, floods, burglary and lightning hitting buildings. Karma is out to take revenge on your beloved PC! Read the rest of this entry »