Some e-mail security tips.

Probably most important part of e-mail security is to make sure you do not cripple yourself. Its more than just adding proper passwords to you POP3 of IMAP accounts.

1. Make sure you do not select the wrong recipient by turning off the automatic addressing features. A good example of where this could go wrong is with Microsoft Outlooks automatic filling feature. This could be very problematic when sending confidental of private e-mails. Read the rest of this entry »


iPhone Spam Campaign – Disguised Trojan

IT security and control firm Sophos is warning Internet users not to be tempted by a malicious spam campaign that is distributing a Windows Trojan concealed as a game for the popular Apple iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

B-HAVE – BitDefender’s Proactive Technology

Click here for a full feature list of BitDefender 2009

BitDefender, a global provider of award-winning anti-virus software and data security solutions, announced today the launch of BitDefender Total Security 2009, in South Africa.

The new security solution from BitDefender provides the ultimate proactive protection for PCs by combining advanced protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other e-threats, with minimal impact on system performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Faking It! – Fake Virus and Spyware Protection Software

Ladies and gentlemen, readers from all corners of the globe… Today I was on the border of crossing over into a new career of… Well… Uhm… absolutely anything where I would not need to deal with PC’s! I can almost guarantee that most of you have either experienced or know of someone that has installed software on their PC, thinking that it is an Anti-Malware program but turns out to be malware itself. Antivirus 2009, Internet Security Deluxe, Micro Antivirus 2009… There are a few… Read the rest of this entry »

P2P Of Doom

Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory has located two spoof P2P application installers that are loading Lop adware on users’ systems.

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Open…ID rather not!

I know how much you hate having to remember all the usernames, for all the websites and all the online services which you access. It is a pain in the rear end! I know this as a fact because I personally have a ton of services which I use. Somewhere along the line, some genius decided to start using the same usernames and passwords for all services accessed. This is great – simple to remember the ‘one size fits all’ concept and greatly opens you up as a target for a hack or two. Wait, that concerned look on your face tells me that I said something wrong? Obviously if you use simple names and passwords someone can easily tap into your accounts. An even smarter person decided to combat this with an OpenID. This is much like a Windows LiveID used on Microsoft sites; obviously it just isn’t for Microsoft. What is OpenID? Is it secure? Uhm… I think I answered that already… Read the rest of this entry »

Network and Data Security – Inside and Out

“Confessions of a Wi-Fi Thief” is a perfect example of what happens to a home network if left unsecured. Besides the annoyance of someone possibly using up your bandwidth, the fact that your personal files and electronic data is basically being ‘broadcast’ is a shocker. Grossman’s article reminds us that the chains we put around our networks are only as strong as their weakest links-often our end-user’s home offices. Read the rest of this entry »