Microsoft Internet Explorer Zero-Day Exploit!

Help Net Security – Microsoft has released the Fix it solution for the IE zero-day memory-corruption vulnerability that is currently being exploited in attacks, and has promised a security update for IE to solve the problem.

“While the vast majority of people are not impacted by this issue, today Microsoft provided a temporary fix that can be downloaded with one easy click and offers immediate protection. We will also provide a permanent solution for customers that will be automatically enabled on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012,” stated Yunsun Wee, director, Trustworthy Computing Group.

This update (MS12-063) will be a cumulative update for Internet Explorer addressing Security Advisory 2757760 as well as four other critical-class remote code execution issues. The will be rated critical and will require a restart.

Users who haven’t enabled automatic updating on their PCs are urged to update the browser themselves as soon as the update is out.

In the meantime, users can pick up the Fix it tool here.


Looking good, but missing the regulars…

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Get Rid Of Your Old Hardware Drivers

If you are experiencing weird issues after upgrading your hardware, or you’ve just upgraded to the latest hardware device and aren’t seeing the performance you’d like, you might want to remove the old drivers which are still installed for the old hardware, even though you can’t normally see them in device manager.

What you have to do is set a less-known flag to allow you to see non-present devices, and then launch device manager. You’ll then see the old devices in the list, and can uninstall the drivers for them. Read the rest of this entry »

Disable Writing To USB Drives

A common security concern at organizations is allowing users to plug in a USB flash drive, because they could so easily copy corporate data.

Since Windows XP SP2, you can disable writing to USB devices altogether using a simple registry hack. Read the rest of this entry »

Ninja Up a Blue Screen! Pressure Points Baby!

Do you consider yourself quite the MS Terrorist? Well do you? Or are you just an infidel..? Prove your likeness by taking down a Windows PC. Put that hammer down! No weapons may be used, use only the keyboard! Ok, cutting the crap now, windows actually was a key sequence that causes a blue screen dump. This isn’t a bug; it’s a “feature” in Windows that is designed to let users trigger a crash dump for testing purposes. There’s even a whole Microsoft KB article on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

Troubleshoot Your Blue Screen Of Death!

One of the most frustrating things about troubleshooting random blue screen errors is that the computer reboots before you have a chance to write down the error messages so you can Google them later.

Instead of trying to redefine time, we’ll just turn off the automatic reboot option and force the blue screen to stay there. Prevents you from attempting to show off and fail horribly. This is not the Matrix and you are not Neo! Get over it! Read the rest of this entry »