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Windows vs Linux – 10 Key Differences

You know there is always this clash between the Windows and Linux communities. I have personally experienced the clashes with old classmates and current colleagues, it drives me insane! So what is it that everyone is missing? The fact that one is not better than the other, they just differ. Linux may perform better than Windows in certain environments and vice versa. Now here’s where I throw a spanner in the gears – Mac may outperform both Windows and Linux in some cases! But enough rambling, what are the differences between Windows and Linux? Read the rest of this entry »

Recovering A Corrupted XP User Profile

A user profile on a Microsoft Windows XP system contains all the files and settings needed to configure your work environment. If the user profile becomes damaged, Windows XP will display one of two error messages when you log on to the system:

Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted. You may be logged in using a temporary User Profile.


The system has recovered from a serious error.

The operating system will then automatically create a new user profile and log you in to this new profile. When this occurs, you’ll immediately discover that all your personalized settings – such as color scheme, wallpaper, and icons – are gone. Even more disturbing is that the My Documents folder doesn’t show any of your documents. You’ll also discover that Outlook Express and Internet Explorer will be void of any of your personal settings and data. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever Wonder Why You Should Validate Your Backup Process?

I can imagine what is going through your head now. “Not another security authority talking about why I should do something that I already do…” But that’s not what this is about. When is the last time you sat down with other members of the team to discuss WHY you perform backups. When is the last time you asked why you perform backups? That media sitting in off-site storage might just cause you, legal teams and auditors, more pain than you may realize. Read the rest of this entry »

Uncovering The Hidden Truth – Vista Boot Screen

The Windows Vista Boot Screen is relatively pointless, but Microsoft decided to hide a more attractive boot screen that can easily be enabled with almost no trouble whatsoever.

Read the rest of this entry »

What Exactly Is Internet Information Services?

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly known as Internet Information Server) is a set of Internet-based services for servers using Microsoft Windows. It is the world’s second most popular web server in terms of overall websites, behind Apache HTTP Server. The servers currently include FTP, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP and HTTPS. Read the rest of this entry »

Restoring Systems using XP’s Systems Restore

Oh no! Your computer just crashed after you downloaded and installed the latest video card driver for your system. Don’t sweat it. Windows XP is bundled with a cool feature called System Restore. It allows system administrators to restore XP computers to a previous state without losing the following files: Email, Favorites, My Documents, and Cookies. Read the rest of this entry »