Faking It! – Fake Virus and Spyware Protection Software

Ladies and gentlemen, readers from all corners of the globe… Today I was on the border of crossing over into a new career of… Well… Uhm… absolutely anything where I would not need to deal with PC’s! I can almost guarantee that most of you have either experienced or know of someone that has installed software on their PC, thinking that it is an Anti-Malware program but turns out to be malware itself. Antivirus 2009, Internet Security Deluxe, Micro Antivirus 2009… There are a few…

I again sat today, repairing and removing malware, registry keys and files from a PC that had actually been ‘protected’ by Micro AV as well as AV 2009. Irony is, the user of the PC is not as clueless as many users are. It just goes to show how convincing these applications can be sometime! Faking it is an interesting new way of getting a PC infected. In the case of the PC I worked on this morning, 95 infections in total. About 82 of those were Trojans. Enough reason for you to think twice before installing?

If you have installed a copy though, or even if you just want to run a scan to be sure of a cleansed, ‘zen-like’ PC, I would suggest using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. There is a free version that has a few automatic and real-time functions removed, but it is excellent and really saved my skin with this PC. Especially considering the fact that I could not even get an AVG scan to run, seeing as one of the Trojans had removed all hard disks from explorer, the result of this: no drives for AVG to scan, therefore, no viruses can be detected. Malwarebytes seems to read the physical partitions though, instead of the logical volumes. Old school!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, be careful out there! The net is an evil evil place for a PC. Make sure you are covered and do regular scans!


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