Troubleshoot Your Blue Screen Of Death!

One of the most frustrating things about troubleshooting random blue screen errors is that the computer reboots before you have a chance to write down the error messages so you can Google them later.

Instead of trying to redefine time, we’ll just turn off the automatic reboot option and force the blue screen to stay there. Prevents you from attempting to show off and fail horribly. This is not the Matrix and you are not Neo! Get over it!

Right-click the ‘Computer’ icon and choose ‘Properties’. Windows Vista users will be taken to the system properties screen, click ‘Advanced System Settings’.

The ‘Advanced’ tab should already be selected, so you’ll want to click the ‘Settings’ button under ‘Startup and Recovery’.

Ok, now just uncheck the option for ‘Automatically restart’ under the ‘System failure’ section.

Next time you get a BSOD you’ll be able to see it and able to write down the error message. You’ll have to manually reboot the computer if this happens, of course.


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