Recreate The Wheel – Well, At Least Your Entertainment System

When you have a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, you can take advantage of the many features of Windows Media Center, including the ability to use your computer to watch live TV and as a digital video recorder (DVR).

Windows Media Center lets you use the power of your PC to interact with your TV in several exciting ways:

  • Easily set it up – Once you have a PC with a TV tuner card installed, getting set up is straightforward. You simply plug the cable, satellite, or antenna signal into the tuner card, just as you’d use a set-top box.
  • Watch TV – Click the TV section of the Windows Media Center interface and select a show to watch from your local listings.
  • Pause live TV – Just press the Pause button on the remote control, and your show will wait for you. Press the Play button when you want to pick up where you left off.
  • Rewind live TV – In addition to pausing, you can also rewind as many as 30 minutes of the live show you were watching, even while the show is still on.
  • Record live TV –If you’re watching a show and want to record the rest of it, just select the Record button on your computer screen or the Record button on your remote control.
  • Set your PC to record future programming – You can to record shows by simply selecting them from the Electronic Programming Guide (the Guide).
  • Play back your shows when you’re ready to watch – Go to the Recorded TV section in Windows Media Center and your show will be there for you, ready to play.

TV tuners and remotes

If you’re a serious TV fan, you can use Windows Media Center with more than one TV tuner. Then you can watch one show while recording another or record two shows at the same time. You can even record two shows simultaneously while watching a third previously recorded show! An optional remote also adds intuitive, streamlined navigation and control to your TV viewing experience.

Watch HDTV on your computer

High definition TV (HDTV) is increasingly popular because it adds tremendous vibrancy and life to television. Along with over-the-air HD support, Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate now support digital cable service in the U.S. This includes premium high definition content when you have a compatible CableCARD from your local cable provider.


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