Administrative Shortcuts?! What’s Next??

So you have a legacy application, this program needs full access, what now? Well you simply need to have an Administrative account… Or how about not! I have a theory about giving a user unrestricted access to use (A polite term used to describe complete destruction) a computer, especially if running under a network environment. Luckily the big boys at Microsoft added a nice feature to all shortcuts that allow you to set them to permanently run with Admin access. This is simpler than using the ‘Run as Administrator’ option that you have when right-clicking a shortcut.

If User Account Control is enabled, you will receive prompt’s while running the application after changing the setting.

To set this property, right-click, on a shortcut and select ‘Advanced’ on the Shortcut Properties page. On the dialog that appears, place a check mark in the checkbox next to “Run as administrator”.


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