Cryptic Media Player Error Codes

Windows Media Player can play just about any file you throw at it, but
sometimes it spits out an arcane error code instead. If you get an error, check
this list to see what’s going on.

80040200 means that Windows can’t find the right codec for the video
clip, either due to an unfamiliar file format or to security settings
preventing a codec download. You’ll also get this error if you didn’t restart
your computer after installing the required codec.

C00D000F means that the web server where the video lives is busy; try
again later.

C00D10B3 means that Windows Media Player is offline. To fix this problem,
select Tools→Options, choose the Player tab, check the “Connect to the
Internet” box, and click OK.

C00D11B3 means that Windows Media Player is having trouble connecting
to the Internet. See the solutions for C00D000F, C00D10B3, and

C00D11BA means that there’s a problem with your sound card; see the
“Sound and Music” section later in this chapter.

C00D11D4 means that there’s a problem with your Internet proxy settings.
In WMP, select Tools→Options, choose the Network tab, and then click
the Configure button. These options should match the proxy setup for
your network; if you don’t know what settings to use, select “Do not
use a proxy server.” Duplicate the settings for all the protocols in the
“Streaming proxy settings” area on the Network tab.

C00D277F means there’s a problem with the licensing for the file you’re
trying to play; see “Iron Out License Issues” for the fix.


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