Microsoft falling away?? WHAT!? No Chance!

Hello again!

I have been hearing allot of stories about Microsoft committing a rather drawn out suicide. You haven’t heard? Rumors out on the web state that Microsoft purposefully flopped Windows Vista so that they would eventually be able to leave the Desktop Platform market and focus more on client applications (Microsoft Office Suites) and Server Platforms.

I have a thing or two to say about these statements. Firstly, have these people ever used Vista at all? I am running Vista and loving it! Sure it is resource intensive, but look at what you get out of the system; poetry in motion. Second item on my agenda, would you kill one of your biggest selling products? I mean to say, any organisation planning to do any such thing, might as well close their doors with immediate effect. Lastly, I have a favour to ask of you: if you at any point in time think that Microsoft would do such a thing, it is essential that you get a psychiatric evaluation ASAP.


3 Responses to “Microsoft falling away?? WHAT!? No Chance!”

  1. CG Says:

    I also heard rumors about Microsoft… I didn’t believe they would shoot themselves in the foot!! But i also did hear that they are going to stop the schools agreement in 2010… That means that a school… Have to buy a License for every single PC… ( Not that i think it’s wrong) But some schools don’t have that kind of money….!! So I am already looking at alternatives… LINUX.. I order the edubuntu distro… So want to see what it offers a school environment… My point is, if schools start teaching in FREE OS(Linux) what is going to become of Windows????

  2. Kenny Blewett Says:

    Hi CG! Thanks for the comment! In my personal opinion, I don’t think that MS will completely throw the governmental volume lincensing scheme out. As with everything in life, things go through a process of change. I believe that if MS do make any changes it will only be for the best. Alot of my newsletters and documentation that I receive from MS indicate a strong growth in the volume licensing agreements as well as further reduced costs for specialized institutions. I am familiar with your system, and having 50+ PC’s running MS products surely will warrant some sort of arrangement to be made with MS if they did drop the schooling system program. So in brief, don’t stress too much! As for free alternatives, I surely would not want to have to train all end users to use a new type of system. It’s difficult enough to get them to know where to switch the PC on or where the CD’s go, in some cases. 🙂

  3. CG Says:

    I agree with you… I didn’t think Microsoft would do it to themselves… We just have to wait and see what happens in 2010? 🙂 hehe

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