Re-Re-Re-Install XP…Without activating again?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to reinstall Windows XP without having to go through the fun and games of software activation? Ok it is really not that bad, but if push comes to shove, is it really worth your while to activate constantly? Here are a few steps to follow to avoid the activation.

1. BEFORE FORMATTING, browse to your Systems32 folder (Found in Windows directory)

2. Click ‘Show the contents of this folder’

3. Copy wpa.dbl as well as wpa.bak to a storage device (Flash Disk Etc.)

4. After formatting and reinstalling XP, do not activate when prompted to do so

5. Restart the PC into Safe Mode (F8 while booting)

6. In the System32 folder, rename the existing wpa.dpl and .bak files if they are there

7. Copy wpa.dpl and wpa.dpl from the storage device back to the System32 folder

8. Restart your PC and boot as per usual

If the process is successful, you should not be prompted to activate again. Remember, this needs to be performed on the same physical computer. It will not work if the old files are copied to a new hardware platform.


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