Permanently display the Power Meter in XP

Any laptop user can tell you many great stories about how their battery died in the middle of something important. I know how frustrating this can be! With the fast paced life of today, you might not think to check how much charge is in your battery before unplugging it from AC power. Here’s a little tip to keep an icon in the system tray, just to keep an eye on things…

The default setting is to show the Power Meter icon ONLY once you are running on battery power, here is a tweak to display it on a permanent basis:

1. Click ‘Start’ and select ‘Run’

2. In the Run dialogue, type PowerCfg.cpl

3. Click ‘OK’

4. Click the Advanced tab

5. Check the box to Always Show Icon On The Taskbar

6. Click OK


The icon will now display as a plug when you are on AC power and as a battery when you are running on battery. It will also indicate whether the battery is charging or fully charged.. Rocket Science made simple for the average Joe. =)


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